Dinner Menu

Traditional Kurdish Entrees   ninevah Dinners come with your choice of soup or salad from the menu You can substitute for any other salad   1, 4 and 5 served with tender strips of chicken breast


  *1-   Garbanzo bean Shilla - This delicious vegetarian dish is Garbanzo beans simmered in a light broth with pure olive oil, curry and other Kurdish spices.                $10.50     2-  Kubey Sawar – Crushed wheat made into a dough and filled with lean ground beef, spices, and onion then sauteed in olive oil.  This dish was first made famous in Nineveh – Modern day Mosul, Iraq.                      $12.50 3-  Kubey Brinj – Similar to Kubay Sawar, this rice “dumpling” is filled with lean ground beef, special spices, olive oil and parsley, then quick fried to a crisp brown shell.                                $12.50 *4-  Vegetarian Dolma – A variety of vegetables (Cabbage, onion, and grape leaves) stuffed with rice, red lintles and special herbs.  Steamed in fresh garlic, lemon and tomato juices.                    $12.50 *5-    Biryani – A traditional rice dish, baked with peas, potatoes, raisons, vegetables, carrots, wheat noodles and a blend of Kurdish spices.                    $12.00 6-   Chicken Tawa – Chicken sauteed in lemon and other spices then baked in layers of potato, green pepper, onion, and dried limes.  Served with basmati rice        $12.00 7-    Sheik Babani – Named after a distinguished man’s striped trousers, this Kurdish delicacy is cored egg plant peeled in decorative stripes and filled with spicy meat and vegetables.  Served with a red sauce over Basmati rice.                            $12.75 *8-    Bakla – Kurdish saute of mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini and onion in olive oil with pepper and other seasoning. (Chicken, Beef or Vegetarian)            $12.50 *9-  Nineveh Saute – Kurdish Saute of mushrooms and tomatoes in olive oil with pepper and other Kurdish seasonings.  (Chicken, Beef or Vegetarian)            $12.50 *10- Kurdish Salad - Layers of rice, lentils, tossed salad, silopi salad, topped with Feta cheese and peppery chicken breast.  Comes with a slice of bread.            $11.95     Babani’s Family Style for groups of two or more $17.95 per person Includes:  Naskanan Appetizer/ Cup of soup per person/ Combination salad plate/ A choice of entrees that total one more than your group

* Signifies vegetarian options